The economy and competitive landscape has pushed work and life on the go, attention spans are shorter, and its more imperative now that we communicate and lead with purpose, confidence and positive action. You need results, you need to be influential. Larry CastleBerry has made a name for himself as the preeminent expert and speaker on influential communication and leadership. As He speaks to companies and keynotes events worldwide, He customizes each talk to relevant industry challenges and corporate focuses. Currently, Larry's message is tailored to these keynote topics, see how He can influence your audience to positive action.





















Larry Castleberry gave an incredibly inspiring story at the Secret Society of Twisted StorytellersⓇ. Our mission is to connect humanity, heal and transform community through the art and craft of storytelling. We have a goal to "Transform Community Through the Arts One Story at a Time." Larry's story and storytelling ability definitely made an impact on the audience. His ability to connect with the audience, through the use of vocal variety, facial expressions and body gestures was truly amazing and powerful.  His authoritative and friendly voice is why Larry is such an inspirational story teller.  The audience is able to visualize and feel the emotions he is conveying through his story. Larry is an amazing storyteller and I look forward to seeing him perform again.


Thank you,


Satori Shakoor

Larry Castleberry is a skilled storyteller who has captured many audiences. He focuses
on personal and family stories that are numerous, while simultaneously providing life
lessons (such as the importance of perseverance).  
He also does historical rei-enactments such as the biographical stories of Dr. Charles
Richard Drew (Father of the modern Blood Bank) and Amos Lee Parker (highest
ranking non-Japanese practitioner of the Martial Art of Aikido).  
His wonderful array of children stories based on personal stories, the world of martial
arts and African and African American tradition are so engaging that his listeners are
encouraged to stay focus.
If you have any questions contact Mary Grant at 313 622 4315 for more information.


Yours truly,

Mary Grant

The training was an overwhelming success. The feedback from everyone who participated was extremely positive, but more importantly, they were engaged throughout the program and walked away with more confidence and a better process for communicating to our customers and prospects. Your program was well worth the time and It's easy.

Larry is an phenomenal speaker whose speaking style is both entertaining and motivating.  Larry speaks from a wide range of topics further showcasing his talents and abilities.  – Roselyn McKay, Electrical Quality Engineer, Ford Motor Company

“I have heard Larry speak on many occasions, he is passionate about the subject matter and keeps the audience well engaged” – Steve Dworack

“Larry is a fantastic speaker & motivator.  He is also a great role model and is always willing to help & mentor others seeking to improve their speaking skills.” – Shannon Dare, Supervisor, Global Product Planning & Strategy, Ford Motor Company


“Each of us, at one point or another, is a ‘public speaker’.  Some of us do so begrudgingly –out of necessity – others were born to do so.  Larry Castlebury is in that latter group.


Larry elevates the art of public speaking to a level that engages and allows his listeners, an audience for instance, to suspend disbelief long enough for them to see past the speaker and into the life of the person whom he portrays.   


Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre was honored to be able to present to its audience an actor who is as eloquent, personable, and as skilled of a public speaker as is Larry Castlebury.  We look forward to working with him again.  


LeDene Lewis, Executive Director Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre 

Shining a light in, on and for Detroit!”